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Stop Paying For Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation is usually the last form of digital marketing people gravitate towards after they have been doing Google PPC (pay per click) marketing for a number of years. Both SEO and PPC or any form of paid marketing has their pros and cons as listed below:



Essentially free marketing with the exception of content creation

Cheaper over the long run than PPC

Organic results are trusted more than adverts

Requires a lot of work at the outset but once the work is done you have an online asset forever.

Less people are proficient at SEO than are at Adwords which means if you can master the skills required there is far less competition.

Results can be fairly quick in non competitive industries however the converse is true in competitive industries like insurance and internet services.



Can take long to rank

Content creation can be time consuming and many people don’t know what topics to write about

SEO services are fairly expensive

No guarantee that “SEO services” are actually working whereas paid advertising results are much easier to measure much quicker

What We Believe

We believe that if you are not getting a positive ROI (i.e. if you are not making more money than you are spending on marketing) than you shouldn’t pay for that marketing. This usually makes SEO services quite tricky to charge for as it does take time (usually 3-6 months) to see results. For this reason we only charge you once you start seeing results.

Start reaping the rewards of SEO without spending money while it takes time to work

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