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Do Hashtags Still Work?

Social media is changing every minute.  One fundamental element has remained consistently present – the humble hashtag. If you’ve ever wondered, “Do hashtags still work?”, rest assured, you are not alone. In this blog post, we’ll unpack the intriguing world of hashtags, exploring their dynamic evolution and their profound impact on some of the most popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Spoiler alert: Yes, they still work, but not quite as they did in 2017.

What is a Hashtag?


Exploring the concept of a hashtag is the first step in our engaging journey. To put it plainly, a hashtag is essentially a word or phrase marked by the ‘#’ symbol. This seemingly unassuming symbol carries significant weight as it transforms an ordinary word into a link that can be clicked. This link serves as a virtual bridge, connecting posts and content from a variety of social media platforms, all centred around a shared theme. Imagine hashtags as digital signposts strategically placed online, guiding users to a collective conversation space. It’s akin to having a tag that unifies posts, making it simpler for individuals to discover and participate in discussions across different online platforms.

Are Hashtags Still Important?


With all the changes and tweaks social media algorithms throw at us, it’s normal to wonder whether hashtags are still relevant, right? The answer is a resounding YES! Let’s find out why: While social media algorithms keep switching, hashtags are still powerful ways to magnify your content’s visibility. Think of them like secret sauce, tying your posts into broader discussions and communities.

How to Use Hashtags


Now that we’ve got the why out of the way, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to use hashtags effectively, across different platforms.

How do hashtags work on Instagram


On Instagram, hashtags are the real deal! They’re your secret weapon for boosting discoverability. However, the magic happens when you use a mix of both popular and niche hashtags. While popular tags can boost visibility, niche tags connect you with a more engaged audience interested in specific topics. Aim for a balanced combination to reach a wider yet targeted audience.

Do hashtags work on Facebook


Do hashtags work on Facebook? Less is more! Limit your hashtags and focus on those directly relevant to your content. Consider creating a unique branded hashtag for your business or campaign to foster community engagement. Remember, less is more on this platform.

Do hashtags work on LinkedIn


LinkedIn, your go-to professional networking hub, loves strategic hashtag use. Align your hashtags with your industry, job function, or specific content themes. This will position your content in front of professionals interested in your niche. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn rewards precision and relevance.

Do hashtags work on YouTube


YouTube being a video-centric platform, needs a more thoughtful approach to hashtags. Include relevant hashtags in your video descriptions to boost searchability. Additionally, incorporate hashtags in your video titles sparingly, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with the overall narrative.

The Benefits of Using Hashtags


In addition to providing an expanded reach, hashtags offer a multitude of advantages. They serve as conversation starters, allowing users to engage with trending topics and join larger discussions. For instance, when users add hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter or #ClimateChange to posts, they consciously or unconsciously become catalysts in sparking conversations around these urgent societal matters. Hashtags can also foster community building, as users with similar interests connect through shared tags. Brands, in particular, can leverage hashtags to amplify their campaigns and create a unified brand identity.

How Hashtags Influence Views and Engagement


Hashtags need to get the views and engagement going. For example, if you’re posting about fashion, hashtags like #fashionblogger or #fashiontrends can help get your content in front of more folks who like the same things. It’s super important to use your hashtags wisely in your social media posts. This way, your content can pop up in front of people just like them! The result? Your engagement skyrockets with likes, comments, and sharing.



While social media changes its game everyday, hashtags stay rock solid. Sure, they’ve shifted a bit since 2017, but they’re still key for showing off content and bringing people together. So, next time you’re wondering, “Are hashtags still a thing?” remember, it’s not just about how many, but how you do ’em. Get into hashtag action on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube and watch your content shoot through the roof!

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