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Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom is a beloved African toy and recreational goods retailer and wholesaler.

They came to us for help implementing improvements to their digital marketing strategy and running their online ads effectively.

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ROI on Facebook


ROI on Google


Cost Per Conversion on Google

Toy Kingdom is a leading African toy and recreational goods retailer and wholesaler.

We’re always excited to work with them since they stock such a tremendous amount of name brands under their umbrella that let us try some truly spectacular strategies.

This particular campaign was a reaffirmation that sometimes a smart application of the basics just works.

The results we’re outlining below were for the month of October 2020:

The KPI’s of what we were able to achieve are as follows:

88 x ROI on Facebook Ads! (i.e. R 88 earned for every R 1 spent).

12 x ROI on Google Ads (i.e. R 15 earned for every R 1 spent).

An average Cost Per Conversion of R 89,50 to achieve an average sale value of around R 1 135!

On top of being a beloved brand themselves, Toy Kingdom has a variety of name brands under their inventory.

A large part of our strategy was based around making sure we show these products to the right people using branded search and targeted advertising.

In a way, we let the existing equity of the brands do the “heavy lifting” and just focus on showing the right offers to the right people.

Through refining our targeting and leveraging brand recognition, we were able to achieve the incredible results listed above.

For Google Advertising, our campaign had four main parts.

Firstly a branded search campaign, so we could capitalise on Toy Kingdom’s brand equity and ensure the competition wasn’t outbidding us on it.

This also included the many sub-brands they stock, so we could leverage this additional brand recognition to create interest and sales.

Secondly, we ran a retargeting campaign to display relevant offers to people who had interacted with the business in the past.

We also focused on branded keywords, so for example if somebody was looking at Star Wars products, we showed them ads for Star Wars-related toys.

Thirdly a general product-based campaign targeting high search intent keywords in a cold audience.

I.e. keywords where the consumer is near the end of the purchase funnel and hasn’t been contacted by us before.

Lastly, a series of Google display ads which also retargeted people who showed previous interest in the brand.

There were two main elements of our Facebook campaign.

Firstly we ran dynamic shopping ads with a catalog drawn directly from the Toy Kingdom website.

This was a great way to drive consistent sales, but it wasn’t what gave us the insane ROI we mentioned previously.

That came from regular image ads, that run as special offers and promotions.

The advantage of these was that it let us use additional creative elements you can’t include in a dynamic shopping ad, which just shows the product.

The end result of several good promotions was the incredible ROI we saw above, utilising brand recognition to drive sales in combination with a great offer.

Our Toy Kingdom campaign demonstrated that nailing the basics of digital marketing is often all it takes to create incredible value for their business.

The main things that contributed to its success were the strong brand equity of the brand, and the brands it stocks, and showing the right offer to the right people.

That’s the advantage of a good digital agency, you can focus on making your brand and offers to stand out, and let them handle reaching the right people.

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