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Radware had partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer its Alteon solution (as a virtual appliance that runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform) to enterprises that need to incorporate an application delivery solution in their cloud deployment.
Radware’s Alteon VA enables organizations to run applications across private and public cloud infrastructures while improving the overall quality of experience (QoE) for users accessing business applications through its load balancing and traffic management capabilities.



Leads per month


Click Through Rate (LinkedIn Engagement Rate)


Outreach Messages

Syte Marketing Case Study – Radware

Cyberattacks are increasing in severity and complexity, making it difficult for organisations to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape – especially today, as the attack surface grows while businesses scale home working practices.

We were tasked with marketing an e-book which was designed to unpack Web Application Security in a Digitally Connected World.

The goal was to generate leads from IT leaders in large organizations in South Africa and then nurture them in an email funnel approach to be handed off to the salespeople once the leads had reached a certain lead score.

We used LinkedIn chat ads to reach out to the IT leaders in large organizations.

We used chat ads as the messaging needed to be fairly complex and comprehensive which we felt a native feed ad wouldn’t accomplish.

Running generic LinkedIn ads to a large generic audience is never effective. We broke their audience down into buckets which fit into very niche segments.

Bucket #1:

IT leaders (CTO, IT heads, IT managers) within a select few handpicked companies.

Bucket #2:

People with Manager/VP seniorities and upwards with IT interests as marked by LinkedIn

Bucket #3:

A combination of seniorities, job function, interest group, company size, and company lists

Click through rate and lead conversion rate are always a function of relevance. Although the software had a far-reaching appeal, it was important to break the campaign into a number of purposeful niches in order to craft our ad message copy to one which was super specific and hyper-targeted.

We also found that although the IT manager or CTO needs to be party to the final decision, they weren’t always the one initiation the discussion within the company.
We, therefore, found it very effective to target CEO’s and CFO’s who has a propensity for IT-related issues.

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