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Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford is a family-owned jewellery design company specialising in bespoke jewellery designs and remodelling.

We were tasked with maximising the earning potential of their online store, which they felt was lacking.


YOY increase in monthly store revenue


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Google Ads Revenue

Syte Marketing Case Study – Jenna Clifford

We were tasked with generating as much revenue as possible on the online store using all the paid media tools at our disposal.

We used the current brand equity to assist in all our direct and indirect marketing efforts to:

  1. Engage with new users who had previously shopped in other jewellery stores in S.A.
  2. Re-engage current users and customers of Jenna Clifford
  3. Target event based users (users who had an upcoming anniversary, were about to get engaged/married or were celebrating some other milestone in their life)


Google Campaigns:

We ran Google search, dynamic, Gmail and display campaigns. We built cold, warm and smart audiences based on peoples interaction with the website, past customer lists and interest groups.

Also because of the number of products on the site we use shopping ads to target the different ranges of Jewellery (engagement rings, wedding rings, etc).

Because of the high-ticket prices we analysed assisted and last-click conversions to understand which user groups and keywords were most valuable and scaled those segments.

Facebook Campaigns:

We built audiences based on:

  • Remarketing lists
  • Remarketing Lookalikes
  • Past customer lists and lookalikes
  • Cart Abandoners
  • People who were just engaged
  • People who had an upcoming birthday or anniversary
  • People reaching particular milestones (40th birthday. golden wedding anniversary,etc)

We then crafted Ads to speak to each one of these audiences and used dynamic ads to convert the current web audiences.

Conversion Optimization:

The higher the ticket item/product price, the greater the need for conversion optimization.

We ran:

  • Google Analytics – To see where the major drop-off points of the website were.
  • Video Recording Software – To actually see why these people were dropping off at these points
  • Google Optimize – To make changes to problems we detected and create A/B and personalisation experiments to test our hypothesis before pushing the changes to the developers.

We also used personalisation to offer specific specials to specific people

Buying any product in retail which requires you to “try something on” or check sizes means you have to have a strong returns policy or advantage to buying online.

We used a lot of this in our messaging which enabled us to increase conversion rates without increasing spend on traffic to the site.

We experimented with Facebook dynamic ads and ordinary conversion only ads with dynamic ads performing 3x better! Dynamic ads almost always perform better but we attributed this marked variance to the specificity of the product.

It’s not enough to just show someone a picture of a ring and expect them to buy. We have to show someone a picture of “THAT” ring. In some industries buying preference is not so evident (you can show someone blue jeans rather than black jeans without much variance), but in jewellery you have to show a person the perfect product at the perfect time.

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