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Sage BEE123

Sage BEE123

Sage BEE123

BEE123 is SA’s Market-leading B-BBEE Management Software Solution which helps to manage companies B-BBEE simply, strategically and cost-effectively.

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Syte Marketing Case Study – BEE123

Reaching BEE compliance officers is no easy feat but reaching BEE compliance offices AND ensuring that at least 30% of these leads generate, then convert into a demo is even harder (but possible and achieved).

The key to doing this was to create very detailed ads which clearly emphasized (who we are not for). BEE123’s software is only tailored to companies generating over R50M+ in revenue per year. We needed to convey this message in our audience targeting and messages as clearly as possible.

We used LinkedIn native feed ads to convey our message and we used two sets of audience targeting groups to discover the best people to reach in each organization.

LinkedIn has no ability to target BEE compliance officers per se so we had to go via HR managers and financial managers to discover the best route to our customer.

We used a few niche audiences which consisted of:

  • Financial roles (finance managers, FD’s, CFO’s etc).
  • Experience levels of over 5+ years.
  • Company sizes of 200+ employees to ensure businesses with an R50M+ turnover.
  • H.R. Roles (HR manager, transformation manager, head of transformation etc).

Client feedback is king! Without clients assisting us with what happens once the lead comes in, we aren’t able to tweak and improve campaigns continuously.

The key, in this case, was to ensure our audience targeting was as niche as possible. Lead volume means nothing if the lead quality isn’t there.

The right lead quality can often be assured by targeting the right audience and using explicit enough messaging saying exactly who we are a good fit for.

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