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AlphaWealth is a South African financial services provider specialising in wealth and asset management.

They approached us for help with managing their LinkedIn marketing strategy and to grow the channel into an effective lead generator.

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AlphaWealth is a leading financial services provider specialised in wealth and asset management for businesses, organisations and high net worth individuals.

They came to us looking for help with optimising their LinkedIn strategy – wanting to expand their leads channels but unsure how to tackle the platform.

LinkedIn Advertising can be quite tricky – as advertising on the platform is incredibly expensive compared to most other social media platforms.

Many businesses try it and give up when they’re unable to find immediate results on the platform.

That’s where a business like ours comes in – using proven knowledge in the field to expedite this process and start getting you results faster.

The main strength of LinkedIn Advertising is its ability to precisely target people via parameters related to their job function, seniority and experience.

This makes it an ideal platform for businesses like AlphaWealth – which has a very niche audience but one with a high customer lifetime value.

This means they can afford to spend a bit more to generate leads – within reason.

The problem that they were facing initially was that they weren’t getting any leads on the platform. When we took over, we could rectify that immediately but the cost per lead was still too high, and overall lead numbers too low.

To rectify this, we performed a variety of experiments with how we ran their LinkedIn ads, the most successful of which we’ll go over below.

The experiment that found us success was actually quite simple – but had incredibly meaningful results.

We decided to lean on the targeting capabilities of LinkedIn, and design ads with hyper-personalised copy designed to appeal to a very specific audience.

You might think this wouldn’t work – that you’d be “excluding” too many people by running this way – but because AlphaWealth has such a niche audience it actually dramatically increased conversion rates by appealing directly to them.

Their goal was mainly to target high-performing professionals, so we tailored the copy to speak directly to people in these specific positions in specific industries.

Together with refining targeting – this let us deliver hyper-personalised messaging that saw our previous goal-conversion rate go up by 4x – to a total of around 162 leads over the 6 months we ran the campaign.

See below for an example of the changes we made to the ads:



Through leveraging our client’s unique needs, and the strengths of the platform, we were able to turn LinkedIn into an amazingly performing platform for AlphaWealth.

If you’re looking for similar results – remember to be flexible and to keep experimenting.

Or, partner with a digital marketing agency with experience in the field, to expedite this process and get you fast results. Any reputable company should give you proven ROI that more than covers the cost of hiring them.

Speak to us today if you are interested in data-driven marketing for your company.

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