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5 possible reasons why your google ads are not showing up

Are your Google Ads not reaching your audience? In the fiercely competitive playing field of online advertising, every moment your ads are down means potential customers are lost. Marketing with Google Ads is a crucial tool for businesses to increase their online presence and generate leads. But what happens when your ads are invisible? This challenge is not uncommon, affecting both new and experienced advertisers alike. In this article, we point out  five key reasons why your Google Ads might not be showing, offering insights tailored for businesses looking to leverage the power of Google AdWords. From technical glitches to compliance issues, at Syte we’ve got you covered.

My Google Ad Is Not Showing: Account Issues

One of the first areas to investigate when your Google ad is not showing is your Google Ads account. Here are factors that affect ad visibility.

One vital aspect to monitor is your billing information; always make sure it’s up-to-date. Any discrepancies with your payment methods or account balances can potentially hinder your ads from running as intended. Another critical aspect is ad approval. Google rigorously reviews ads for compliance with its policies. If your ad is currently under review or has been disapproved, it won’t be displayed to your intended audience. Moreover, be aware that violating Google’s advertising policies or encountering other issues can result in account suspensions, bringing all your ad activities to a halt. Therefore, regular monitoring and proactive management of your Google Ads account can help prevent many of these issues and keep your advertising campaigns running smoothly.

Why Can’t I See My Google Ad: Targeting and Scheduling

The visibility of your Google Ad is greatly affected by your targeting settings. Remember to consider these key aspects when configuring your ad campaign. Firstly, geographical targeting plays a significant role. If your ad is specifically aimed at certain locations, you won’t be able to see it if you happen to be outside those designated areas. 

How you schedule your ads to appear at specific times or on particular days is another vital factor. If you’re checking for your ad outside of the scheduled time slots, it won’t be displayed. Lastly, audience targeting is crucial to take into account. If you don’t fall within the audience segment your ad is designed for, such as a particular age group or interest category, you won’t encounter your ad. 

Google Ads Not Showing: Budget and Bidding

In online advertising, your ad’s visibility hinges on budget, bids, and quality score. A depleted daily budget means your ads vanish for the day. Low bids in competitive auctions lead to obscurity. Google’s Quality Score, assessing relevance and landing page quality, affects placement. To ensure consistent ad display, optimising budget and bids while meeting Google’s quality standards is imperative.

Google Ads Keywords Not Showing: Keyword Issues

Keywords serve as the foundation of Google Ads, and any problems in this area can render your ads invisible. The relevance of your chosen keywords to both your ad content and landing page is crucial, as irrelevant keywords can hamper performance and visibility. Low search volumes for certain keywords mean fewer people are searching for them, resulting in less frequent ad displays. It’s crucial to also manage negative keywords carefully to prevent them from unintentionally blocking your main keywords. To maintain ad visibility and effectiveness, do a regular review and adjustment of your keyword strategy.

Google Display Ads Not Showing: Technical and Website Issues

Technical issues affecting ad display can arise from Google’s end or your website. Key considerations include adhering to Google’s format and size requirements for display ads, as non-compliant ads won’t be shown. Ensure your ad’s landing page is stable and free from downtime as Google may stop displaying your ad to maintain user experience. While AdBlockers can’t be controlled, creating engaging and non-intrusive ads can mitigate their impact.

To navigate these challenges effectively, consider partnering with Syte. We specialise in optimising ad displays and enhancing user engagement, ensuring your ads not only meet Google’s requirements but also resonate with your audience. Our proven strategies are showcased in a series of case studies, which highlight successful outcomes for various clients. Let us guide you in creating impactful and compliant ads that drive results.


Understanding why your Google Ads are not showing is key to unlocking their full potential. From account and targeting settings to keyword selection and technical compliance, each aspect plays a significant role in the visibility of your ads. Regular monitoring, adjusting strategies according to market dynamics, and adhering to Google’s guidelines will help ensure your Google Ads are visible to your target audience, maximising your digital advertising efforts.

Staying informed and agile with your Google Ads strategy is more important than ever. By addressing these common issues, businesses can enhance their online presence and achieve better results with their Google Ads campaigns.Ready to transform your Google Ads strategy? Contact Syte today and transform your online presence.